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Environmental Impact Study at Colony Park

Environmental Impact Study

Our environmental policies ensure a town-planning project especially thought for the Support of the Biological Diversity and Human Welfare.

Our premises include the protection of native species, contributing to the conservation of the biological diversity, respecting nature with a responsible and sustainable environment treatment, protecting and preserving the wetlands, with respect of and care for the water, the ground, the flora and fauna, improving the quality of man life having at hand an improved natural environment on a basis of sustainable development and a rational use entirely compatible with the principles and local or international environmental treaties.

Landscape project at Colony Park

Landscape project

Our landscape project proposes (about the Town-planning Master Plan) a language inspired in the riverside physiognomy and the delta woods.

Together with the order imposed by the succession of plots, there will be native vegetation with “Monte Blanco” species which will restore the exuberance, foliage and colours typical of the River Plate delta. A nursery full of native plants has been exclusively installed on the island, and it will provide the plants that will be planted everywhere in the urbanization.

Acacia mansa Sesbania punicea tree
Anacahuita Blepharocalyx salicifolius tree
Ceibo Erythrina crista-galli tree/bush
Chal chal Allophylus edulis tree
Curupí Sapium haematospermum tree
Espina de bañado Citharexylum montevidense tree
Espinillo Acacia caven tree/bush
Ingá Ingá vera tree
Lapachillo Poecilanthe parviflora tree/bush
Laurel criollo Ocotea acutifolia tree
Murta Myrceugenia glausescens tree/bush
Ñangapirí Eugenia uniflora tree
Sauce criollo Salix humboldtiana tree
Sen del campo Senna corymbosa tree/bush
Tembetarí Fagara hyemalis tree
Timbó Enterolobium contortisiliquum tree

Estudio Thays

Water mirrors at Colony Park

Water mirrors

The lakes of Colony Park will provide a physically and biologically balanced ecosystem which will guarantee an adequate environment for a recreational purpose (contact, immersion, fishing, sailing, etc.) based on the wide experience that Fish & Lakes has in this field.

Special care will be taken of the biological controls of invading seaweeds, mosquitoes, etc. through the use of fish. The quality of the water will be thoroughly controlled and the start-up of the lagoons will be carried out.

Together with the final filling of the lakes, problems of the biological kind (seaweeds blooming, organic pollution, invading insects) will be taken care of by using preventive technical controls for the treatment of these possible biological alterations. Also, we have already planned the design and equipment recommended for the oxygen change system, water renewal and sediment management.

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Video Presentation. Colony Park, Private Island.

Colony Park. Private Island

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